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Tesla Powerwall 3 | What We Know so Far

Tesla Powerwall 3: The Latest Home Energy Storage Product From Tesla

In early 2024, Tesla is expected to release their new home battery product, the Powerwall 3. This home energy storage product is a newer version of the Powerwall 2. The Tesla Powerwall 3 is a more robust system compared to its predecessors. In comparison, Powerwall 3 has the same energy storage capacity as the Powerwall 2-13.5kWh.  Aside from the updated look, there are also new features which include higher power output ratings and consolidations compared to Powerwall 2 and +.

Tesla Powerwall 3 - Coming Soon!

Tesla has completely changed the design dynamic of their traditionally installed solar products, by consolidating electrical systems within the battery.  Powerwall 3 has its own built-in solar DC inputs, that is similar to Powerwall+ inverter’s system. The main difference being everything is integrated into one housing, and now features  higher solar power input rating of 20,000 Watts DC. This consolidated design allows homeowners and engineers to utilize wall space more efficiently. Compared to the older versions which would require more space for more batteries and inverters in order to properly energize higher wattage appliances.

Tesla Powerwall+

Upgraded Features

With a higher continuous power output, homeowners can energize heavy duty appliances that use between 5,000 to 11,500 watts, like a air conditioning unit or electric heater, with only one Powerwall 3.  Typically a whole home battery backup system would require multiple batteries. However, now with the greater output, homeowner’s and engineers can save space on the homes’ walls to provide sufficient backup capabilities.  Therefore, making the solar and battery installations more esthetically appealing and capable.

Good Faith Energy Installer

Availability Uncertainty

Although news of the release of Powerwall 3 is exciting, there is no conclusive date for its availability. When having a complete solar system installed, consider the availability for immediate energy security needs.  Batteries installed by an experienced company which has vetted a readily available energy storage product,  will make a difference when overcoming unforeseen grid outage emergencies. 

Can Powerwall 3 be designed with other solar electrical equipment? 

Tesla’s Powerwall 3 can only connect solar panels into its built-in inverter. The built-inverter converts the DC electricity from the panels into AC. The AC electricity can then either be stored, and/or consumed by the home or sent to the grid. Therefore, it isn’t an option for adding micro-inverters with this particular system. If considering other solar equipment to be integrated to the home’s electrical system, then Powerwall 2 would be more compatible for alternative integrations. 

Tesla Powerwall 2

Consult a Solar Pro to get a quote and for more details. A Solar Pro will offer the best advice for choosing and designing a system that can suit every individual’s needs and expectations.

Fact checked by Jacob Petrosky – 4/26/2024