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Texas Solar Warranties


What Products & Services are Covered?

All component parts, including solar PV modules, inverters, energy storage system (ESS) components, transformers, and other renewable energy equipment system components are covered under the applicable manufacturer warranties, and Good Faith Energy, LLC (“GFE”) DOES NOT warrant the cost of removing and replacing these parts. However, manufacturers may offer full or partial reimbursements in certain situations at the discretion of the applicable manufacturer. Notwithstanding the foregoing, GFE warrants its workmanship and related failures based on the Warranty provision previously notated in the Master Services Agreement (MSA.)

Limited Workmanship Warranty

The workmanship warranty period begins on the day of system operational commissioning, specified by the first date in which the solar panels, inverter(s), and battery(s) are registered to the manufacturer. If during this period, there is a system or component breakdown, or degradation of electrical output more than 15% as direct result of an installation defect in GFE’s workmanship (and NOT result of normal performance degradation over time, or component failure) GFE shall, at its sole option, repair, replace or refund the contract price or portion thereof as necessary compensation. Such repair, replacement, or refund shall be the sole remedy provided by this warranty agreement and shall satisfy all of GFE’s liability with respect to this warranty. Furthermore, GFE shall be held harmless of any circumstantial failures of pre-existing site electrical equipment, defective devices, tampering, and negligence of any party other than GFE following the completed installation, at any time, UNLESS failures are directly attributable to GFE’s negligence in installation or design.

There may be circumstances of flickering lights, false trips of circuit breakers, common/differential mode electrical noise or other unforeseen phenomenon due to equipment interactions beyond the control of GFE. GFE shall research, report and advise on corrective measures in response to these events, if they occur, with the support of applicable manufacturers. GFE shall not be held liable for aforementioned events, or other unmentioned events UNLESS they are directly related to negligence in installation or design. Payments for such services will be due in accordance with service contracts defined elsewhere in this document.

Limited Product Warranties

The following are limited warranties for the specific products installed by Good Faith Energy:

ProductPerformance WarrantyLabor Warranty
SPAN Smart Electric Panel5 Years2 Years
Tesla Powerwall10 Years5 Years
Enphase IQ Battery 5P15 Years5 Years
Enphase Microinverters25 Years2 Years
REC Solar Panels25 Years25 Years
Meyer Burger Solar Panels25 Years25 Years

Please note that these Limited Product Warranties (including their duration) are subject to a number of important exclusions and limitations, which are defined elsewhere in this document.

Regulated by the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulation. TECL: 31876 14 Limited Roof Penetration Warranty Exclusions

GFE offers a roof penetration weatherproofing warranty on any structure roofing surfaces defined by the PV-1 section of a project’s engineering design plan set. GFE IS NOT liable whatsoever for roof surface defects or resultant leaks on structure roofing surfaces unaltered by any installations performed by GFE at any point in time.

General Exclusions

GFE SHALL NOT be liable for lapses in communication with any internet connected devices installed following the completed installation. Owner will be charged for internet troubleshooting in accordance with service contracts defined elsewhere in this document. Guidance for self-service of internet connection shall be provided free of charge. This warranty shall be VOID if:

  • The system is not operated and maintained in accordance with the written operation and maintenance specifications provided to the Owner.
  • The product has been modified, repaired, or reworked in a manner not authorized, nor performed by GFE or GFE directed subcontractors.
  • The equipment has been tampered with, physically altered, damaged, abused, or operated outside the limits of its electrical, environmental, or use specifications.

Warranty Disclaimers

GFE markets and sells SOLAR PRODUCTION. GFE DOES NOT in any way sell, warranty, or guarantee any utility bill reduction or offset. It is common that after installing a solar array, a system owner will slowly or sometimes quickly, increase their electrical consumption over time. GFE is not responsible for utility billing costs. GFE is responsible for a production amount in Watt Hours (Wh) or kilowatt hours (kWh) specified in sales and installation agreements. Increases in utility billed dollar amounts are generally not reflective of a given system’s performance if no issues are detectable in the system. Generally, utility bills increase overtime due to increased electrical usage outside the scope of original system planning, increase in electricity or delivery charges, or changes to billing parameters by a given utility organization.

In approximately 5% of installations, the possibility exists that there may be very technical and illusive problem(s) with a given system, not related to incorrect design/installation and/or GFE LLC technician workmanship error. While most solar and/or battery storage system service-related issues are simple to navigate, this isn’t always the case. In extreme cases, it can take months to illuminate and correct functional obstacles to proper system performance. GFE SHALL NOT be held liable for any consequential damages relating to any solar and/or battery storage system being non-operational or less than fully operational for any time it takes for GFE to diagnose and repair or restore full functionality.

Including but not limited to:

A solar/battery storage system may, by nature of technical electrical and signaling interactions between equipment, require additional equipment that cannot be reasonably accounted for within the initial sales and design process, short of charging all clients for potentially unnecessary equipment and/or services.

These include, but are not limited to: electrical filtering, digital system analysis and calibration via manufacturer-designed computer software and specialized service equipment such as power quality analyzers, oscilloscopes, high potential testers and others.
These may be located:

  • within the solar/battery storage system itself
  • due to preexisting site electrical system/devices
  • and/or electrical system/devices located on adjacent properties

There may be manufacturer defects which require a relatively extended period of time to isolate and locate the exact issue to an applicable manufacturer before a replacement is deemed necessary.

Regulated by the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulation. TECL: 31876 15 Limitation of Liability

GFE is in no way liable for such unpredictable circumstances as these ARE NOT negligence or a defect in workmanship. In some cases, manufacturers may provide expense reimbursement for upgrades/labor cost/specialized equipment. In other cases, the Owner will be solely responsible for such upgrades/labor cost/specialized equipment.

GFE expressly DOES NOT provide nor warrant the following scopes of services:

  • Internet connectivity
  • Painting conduit Replacing transformers Sheetrock repairs Framing updates Landscaping
  • HVAC units Generators
  • Claims Process

In order to make a claim under these Limited Warranties, please go to the GFE website at:

Then, please fill out the form, and a Good Faith Energy representative will contact you after receiving your submission.

Good Faith Energy Contact Details:

  • GFE website for submitting a Service Request form:

  • GFE email:

[email protected]

  • GFE address: 4122 Billy Mitchell Dr, Addison, TX 75001
  • GFE phone number: (972) 77-POWER

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Regulated by the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulation. TECL: 3187

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