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Solar Company in Addison, Texas

Premier Solar Provider in Addison, Texas

Good Faith Energy is Addison, Texas’s leading solar company, known for delivering advanced solar solutions to both residential and commercial clients. As a registered and insured installer, we’re committed to enhancing your energy independence with reliable solar systems featuring battery backups.

By choosing Good Faith Energy, you’re opting for the top-rated solar provider in Addison. We offer high-quality products and expert installations, all backed by industry-leading warranties. Our commitment to exceptional customer service sets us apart.

Unlike other providers, we keep all work in-house with a diverse team of over 70 professionals, covering everything from engineering to installation. This approach ensures superior service and consistent quality across all projects.

Trust Good Faith Energy for dependable, high-quality solar solutions in Addison, Texas—your partner in sustainable energy excellence.

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Our Energy Solutions for Every Need

At Good Faith Energy, we offer a range of customized energy solutions designed to suit any application, whether for home or business:

  • Residential Solar Solutions: Custom solar systems designed to maximize home efficiency and savings.
  • Commercial Solar Solutions: Robust solar installations to power business operations sustainably.
  • Solar Servicing & Maintenance: Ongoing support to ensure your system operates at peak performance.
  • Certified Tesla Product Installer: Specialized in installing Tesla’s innovative solar products.
  • Solar Energy Storage: Advanced battery systems to store and manage energy efficiently.
  • Roofing Services: Durable roofing options that enhance and protect your solar investment.

Going Solar with Good Faith Energy

  1. In-Depth Energy Usage Analysis: First, we begin by examining your past year’s electricity bills to assess your current energy usage for both home and business. This crucial first step allows us to determine the exact number of solar panels you need, along with any additional equipment, ensuring that your solar system is precisely tailored to meet your energy requirements.
  2. Custom Solar System and Storage Design: Next, our proficient in-house engineers utilize advanced CAD software and unique tools to meticulously design a solar system that perfectly fits your roof. This step is vital for retrofitting solar installations on existing structures, where each design requires a personalized engineering solution.
  3. Tailoring the Right Financial Plan: Then, we assist you in crafting an ideal financial plan for your solar investment. Whether you prefer straightforward cash payments or need financing options, we are here to help you find the best solutions specifically designed for your financial situation.
  4. Installation by Our Expert Team: After planning, our skilled project managers take the lead. They manage the installation process meticulously, ensuring everything runs smoothly and efficiently from beginning to end.
  5. Enjoy the Advantages of Clean Energy: Finally, sit back and enjoy the numerous benefits of your new solar energy system. Choosing Good Faith Energy means opting for clean, sustainable power along with a future of energy independence and significant savings.

Tailored for Your Solar Needs

In Addison, the design of your solar system can significantly impact your savings and energy consumption. At Good Faith Energy, we consider several factors to ensure your system is perfectly aligned with your needs:

  • Location Considerations
  • Roof Configuration
  • Energy Requirements
  • Long-term Performance.

By focusing on these elements, Good Faith Energy ensures that each system is not only efficient but also a worthwhile investment that continues to pay dividends in terms of energy savings and environmental impact. Let us help you take control of your energy future with customized solutions that fit your lifestyle and budget.

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