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Residential & Commercial Solar Installation Contractor in Texas

We specialize in distributed solar installer services in Texas. Texas is famed for its heat and sunshine, but residents also have to contend with winter weather. Both extremes have caused interruptions to the power supply, from the triple-digit temperatures of summer 2022 that led to multiple rolling blackouts to the winter storm of 2021 that left millions of Texans without power for days.

Fortunately, Texans have an option that can help them take advantage of the 64% of days each year when the sun shines: solar power. When the power grid can’t keep up with the energy demand, solar power can help you take advantage of Texas’s average of 234 sunny days every year! Installing solar panels can help you reduce demand on the grid and do your part for the environment, all while saving money over time.

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Austin, Dallas, & Fort Worth Solar Installer

You never know when the power will go out, or for how long, but Good Faith Energy can help dispel your energy fears with backup solar power. During the day, solar panels will absorb energy from the sun, which will then be converted into usable electricity and either used or stored in your solar energy bank.

You can find all the solar backup power you need in the form of solar panels for your home or business through Good Faith Energy. We’re a Texas-authorized and Tesla Certified Installer, as well as a top-rated Texas business with the most reviews on Google, Yelp, and Facebook. From solar installation and battery backup to solar repair and service, you can turn to Good Faith Energy for all your needs. We will help transform your space to be more energy efficient, economical, and sustainable.

We are a Texas-authorized solar panel installer serving clients throughout the Austin, TX, Dallas, TX and Fort Worth, TX areas, including: McKinney, TX; Frisco, TX; Southlake, TX; Irving, TX; Plano, TX; Rockwall, TX;. In fact, our dream is to install solar panels on every roof in North Texas! If you are looking for a solar installer near you, view our service areas.

Enjoy Big Savings on Your Energy Bill

Energy prices are extremely high in Texas, but you can take control of your bills and keep them low with solar energy! Right now, Good Faith Energy is offering an incentive of $0 down with up to a 30% tax credit through 2032. Each year, the tax incentive will decrease, so be sure to enlist our team for solar installation as soon as possible. Another incentive we’re offering is $0 for solar panels and batteries, while you pay under $200 per month.

Own a solar system with battery backup for less than your utility bills and take the power over your bills by contacting Good Faith Energy for solar installation! Contact us today for solar power installation and more information on solar energy investments, and you’ll be enjoying big savings before you know it.

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Service You Can Trust

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Shopping for solar can be a daunting process. Trust us, we experienced it before founding our company. This is because solar is not only a product. It’s also a service, investment, and lifestyle.

At Good Faith Energy, we believe we’re only as good as our last customer. Our product is, without a doubt, our 5-star service. Each system is carefully crafted with you in mind, from concept to creation. We’re a dynamic, fast-paced company and considered by many to be a pioneer in the clean energy installation world.

We appreciate the opportunity to earn your business and hope to serve you for many decades to come.

Radical Customization

Another reason why shopping for a solar system is challenging is that no two systems are identical. Each solar system will differ in costs and savings depending on your energy consumption and the way your home is designed.

When will your solar system pay itself back? Well, that depends on a variety of factors, some of which include:

  • Where you live
  • Your roof configuration and access to sunlight
  • How much electricity you need
  • How much electricity you want to produce
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What’s important to consider is the long-term value and performance of your system, as well as choosing a solar installer dedicated to servicing and maintaining their system fleet.

Good Faith Energy believes in radically customizing every solar and storage system to meet our clients’ project goals, without sacrificing quality or service.

Solar is not only about saving the environment, energy independence, or saving money. Solar is about national security and keeping America at the forefront of technology and innovation. Get all the solar repair, installations, or service you need from one of the best solar companies with the most reviews on Google, Yelp, and Facebook in the state of Texas.

The Process of Going Solar

  1. In-Depth Usage & Consumption Analysis
    First, we will take a look at your current energy usage and consumption. We do this by looking at your actual electric bills over the last year for your home or business. This will allow us to determine how many photovoltaic (PV) modules are needed.
  2. Custom Solar & Storage Design
    Our In-House Engineers will then come up with a custom design specific to your roof using industry-leading CAD software as well as proprietary tools to create the most accurate rendering possible to fulfill your solar needs.
  3. Craft the Right Financial Solution
    We will then help you determine the best financial solution for you to invest in your solar system. We not only accept cash payments, but we also can help you find the best solar financing options specifically designed for you.
  4. Let Our Team Get to Work!
    We are here to provide you with a world-class solar installation experience. Let our PMs do what they do best: get you from start to finish as smoothly as humanly possible.
  5. Reap the Benefits of Clean, Sustainable Energy
    Sit back and relax; you are in good hands. Enjoy all of the benefits of going solar with Good Faith Energy!

Learn more about the benefits of going solar with the highest-rated solar installation company in Texas: Good Faith Energy. We are residential and commercial solar roofers proud to serve Austin, Dallas & Fort Worth, TX.

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