Our Story

Good Faith Energy came into the solar scene in 2014 after our founder, Mohammed Abdalla, stumbled upon solar power while traveling overseas.

It all started after he was fired from his Corporate job in the Oil & Gas industry. It was his first time really experiencing failure. Mohammed packed up his belongings in two backpacks and wandered for a year throughout South America, Europe, Africa and Asia. During long train rides, he thought a lot about the carbon footprint he had created from working in the Oil and Gas sector.

One day while reflecting and traveling through Germany’s country-side, Mohammed witnessed a landscape he never had before- countless rooftops, covered in solar panels, all being powered by the sun. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing. His research led him to find out that ~40% of Germany’s power supply came from Solar Energy, meanwhile, receiving the same amount of sunlight as ALASKA! Amazing.

He was now fully bought into transitioning away from the mine-and-burn hydrocarbon economy, towards the solar-electric economy, which he believed to be the primary sustainable solution. A future where everything is powered by the sun, including the electric vehicles in your garage. 

When he returned to the States, he contacted a few solar companies to start the process of installing solar panels on his mom’s house in Plano, TX. Some companies never responded, others gave him quotes over the phone, and none gave him the education he was looking for. 

He quickly learned about the North Texas Renewable Energy Group and the Plano Solar Advocates, two non-profits based in DFW dedicated to the advancement of renewable energy education and advocacy. 

Mohammed spent the next 24 months volunteering his time in an effort to soak up as much knowledge and experience as he could to bring his renewable energy project development dreams to fruition.

7 years later, Good Faith Energy is a nationally recognized leader in Distributed Solar & Storage, EV Charging, & Roofing. We’re more than an Electrical & Roofing contractor. We’re a Movement and a Lifestyle. We’re a Family and Community.

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Our Executive Team

Mohammed Abdalla
Mohammed AbdallaFounder & Visionary
Mohammed Abdalla is the Founder of Good Faith Energy. His vision is to transform our energy ecosystem with smart, sustainable, reliable technology while providing a lasting social and environmental impact.
Michael Solano
Michael SolanoCOO & Co-Owner
Michael Solano is the guy that makes the machine move. He is passionate about quality, customer service, and creating a clean, green environmental impact while creating jobs for our growing family at Good Faith Energy.
Mika Penttinen
Mika PenttinenCFO
Mika Penttinen brings the experience to the team with technical and strategic approaches to the economy of scaling our green energy business.