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Premier Solar Provider in Austin, Texas

Good Faith Energy is Austin’s leading solar provider, known for our top-tier installations and comprehensive service. Fully registered and insured, we equip homes and businesses with advanced solar systems and battery backups for complete energy independence. Our team, which includes over 70 dedicated professionals from various fields such as engineering, sales, and installation, handles every project from start to finish. This ensures exceptional quality and customer service every step of the way. Trust us to deliver reliable solar solutions that are designed to meet your unique energy needs.

Good Faith Energy team for solar installation

Comprehensive Energy Solutions

At Good Faith Energy, we offer a wide range of energy solutions designed to optimize efficiency and sustainability for every client in Austin. Whether you’re looking to reduce energy costs, increase your property’s value, or transition to renewable energy, our solutions are tailored to meet your specific needs:

  • Residential Solar Solutions: Custom solar systems designed to maximize energy savings for your home.
  • Commercial Solar Solutions: Scalable solar installations to power your business operations efficiently.
  • Solar Servicing & Maintenance: Ongoing support to ensure your solar system performs optimally.
  • Certified Tesla Product Installer: Expert installation of Tesla solar products, including solar panels and Powerwalls.
  • Solar Energy Storage: Advanced solutions to store and manage the energy your system produces.
  • Roofing Services: Durable roofing options that complement your solar installation.

The Process of Going Solar

  • In-Depth Energy Usage Analysis
    First, we assess your current energy consumption by reviewing your electricity bills from the past year for your home or business. This initial step helps us understand how many solar panels and any additional equipment you will need, ensuring your system is perfectly tailored to your energy demands.
  • Custom Solar System and Storage Design
    Next, our skilled in-house engineers use state-of-the-art CAD software and proprietary tools to design a solar system specifically for your roof. This careful planning is essential for retrofit solar installations on existing buildings, as each setup requires a unique engineering approach.
  • Tailoring the Right Financial Plan
    Then, we’ll guide you in selecting the best financial strategy to fund your solar investment. Whether you prefer to pay in cash or require financing, we can help you find the most suitable options tailored just for you.
  • Installation by Our Expert Team
    Once the planning is complete, our experienced project managers take over. They ensure your solar installation process is as smooth and efficient as possible, handling every detail from start to finish.
  • Enjoy the Advantages of Clean Energy
    Finally, you can relax and enjoy the benefits of your new solar energy system. With Good Faith Energy, you’re not just getting clean and sustainable power; you’re also choosing a lifetime of energy independence and savings.

Tailored for Your Solar Needs

When it comes to solar energy, one size does not fit all. At Good Faith Energy, we understand that your location, roof configuration, and energy needs dictate the design of your solar system. We focus on the long-term value and performance of each installation, ensuring that you not only save money but also achieve your desired level of energy production. Choosing us means opting for a solar installer who is committed to maintaining and servicing their systems to ensure peak performance year after year.

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