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Texas Solar Service and Repair Company

Good Faith Energy For Your Solar Solutions

Choose Good Faith Energy for reliable Texas solar service and repair. Serving the DFW area, we specialize in servicing and maintaining solar roofs and Powerwall systems. Our expertise ensures your solar electric system remains in top condition, operating efficiently even if we didn’t initially install it.

Our Solar Service

Good Faith Energy provides comprehensive solar service across Texas, keeping your systems optimal through regular maintenance and service. Our team is equipped to enhance the performance of your solar electric system, ensuring it continues to meet your energy needs effectively.

Texas Solar Repair

For all your Texas solar repair needs, trust Good Faith Energy. We handle repairs and maintenance for solar panels and Tesla Powerwalls, ensuring your system delivers reliable energy storage. Whether it’s a simple fix or complex repairs, our experts are here to restore and enhance your system’s efficiency.

Texas Solar Service from Goof Faith Energy team

Why Choose Our Services

As a leading provider of solar solutions, Good Faith Energy offers extensive services including roof inspections, repairs, and the maintenance of high-end Tesla products. Our skilled technicians ensure your system is equipped to provide sustainable energy effectively, making your life easier with solutions like SPAN electric panel installations. Trust us to maintain and optimize your solar setup for peak performance.

Solar Panel Maintenance and Repair Service FAQs

At Good Faith Energy, we understand that you might encounter technical issues with your high-end solar and energy storage equipment, including the apps that manage your solar panels. Our experts are here to assist you with these challenges. Below, we’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions and provided clear, straightforward answers to help you resolve your technical issues effectively.

Why isn’t my solar system showing up on the app?

Several factors could be causing your system to appear offline. Is your Wi-Fi router connected to the internet? A good way to check is to simply try to open up a website on your computer or phone’s internet browser.

Why do micro-inverters turn gray on Enlighten?

There are many reasons why they may not appear to be working on your app. Enphase has great solutions that may be of help: See this Support Article

Why are my solar panels producing less energy than before?

In most cases, solar panels will be cleaned after a good rain shower, but sometimes, especially during high pollen counts, or leaves falling, panels may need to be cleaned. Additionally, solar panels do experience around 0.5% degradation over time. This is normal.

How do you fix an Enphase ‘Gateway not reporting’ system error issue?

See their support article

How do you grant or remove access to a system monitored by Enlighten?

See their article on how to do this

How do you determine which solar panels need to be replaced?

We use advanced thermal drone technology. For details from our expert, watch this interview. In brief, our cutting-edge drone provides a thorough roof inspection, unlike many insurance companies that often offer only cursory checks. This ensures accurate assessments, preventing understated coverage and saving you from unexpected out-of-pocket costs.

Is solar covered by insurance?

It’s crucial to note that solar is not always covered by default. Sometimes it is, but you should check with your insurance provider and not assume. Adding solar coverage typically costs about $50 a year. Once covered, a solar insurance claim is handled similarly to a roof claim, often bundled together. We recommend adding warranty coverage as soon as possible.

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