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Recycled Residential Roofs

Over 5 million roofs are replaced in the U.S. each year. That’s a lot of truck rolls to the landfill with dump trailers full of non-recyclable roofing materials. At Good Faith Energy, we’ve consciously chosen to focus on installing 4 main types of roofing materials for both Commercial and Residential applications.

  1. Recycled Asphalt Shingles
  2. Tesla Solar Roof Tiles
  3. Standing Seam Metal Roofs
  4. TPO Roofs

Since the majority of Texans have asphalt shingle roofs, they are the most common roof replacement service we see happening. Good Faith Energy has partnered with Malarkey Green Roofing products, the only manufacturer producing shingles in an eco-friendly way by using recycled products like old tires and plastic bottles. These recycled products not only make the shingle more environmentally friendly, but they also add strength and durability, adding to the longevity of the product. In addition, the recycled materials provide added elasticity to the shingle so it’s more impact resistant to hail.

Tesla Solar Roof

Good Faith Energy is a Tesla Certified Installer of the Solar Roof. We’ve learned a lot since our initial training in California in 2019, and we’re here to share some of that knowledge with you.

Solar Roof is arguably the most beautiful, durable, clean energy generating roof ever made. It refuses to compromise on quality, functionality, or aesthetics. They just work, allowing you to live a more sustainable & independent lifestyle without even thinking about it. Solar Roof + Powerwall gives you control over your energy, automatically adjusting to optimize your sustainability, economics, and security.

It becomes most feasible to install Solar Roof when you’re considering installing solar panels on a luxury roof, such as Slate, Tile, or Metal. The cost can range from between $30-$50/ sq. ft, depending on roofing surface area (Sq ft.), complexity of the roof (pitch & number of roof planes), size of the PV system and number of inverters, number of Tesla Powerwalls, added energy management integration with SPAN, location, and more.

If you’re interested in an estimate for Solar Roof, fill out the form below, and let our team get to work on a nationally-accredited, Tesla Certified bid for this incredible and revolutionary new roofing system.

Metal Roofs

There’s good reason for why standing seam metal roofs are a popular choice when choosing between different roofing material options. They are durable, sleek, and last a lifetime. Metal roofs allow for thermal movement, making them more energy-efficient. Furthermore, metal roofs have 25-95% recycle content, and are 100% recyclable at the end of their life.

Galvanized steel and aluminum are the two most common materials found in standing seam metal roofs. These materials are built to last 40-70 years. Once installed, they have distinctive vertical patterns with clean lines and hidden fasteners that many people find more attractive on both residential and commercial buildings. The cost of a standing seam metal roof ranges between $10-$20/sq ft., depending on complexity.

Interested in a quote for a standing seam metal roof on a new build or on a roof replacement? Need a roof inspection to find out if you qualify for a roofing claim with your insurance company? Contact us today for a free inspection. There are a wide range of options when it comes to getting a new roof installed, and Good Faith Energy wants to be your trusted partner for the long-term. We will treat your home the same way we would treat ours, or better!

TPO Roofs

TPO roofing has also gained popularity in recent years. A large number of Multi-Family and Commercial properties are retrofitting their roofs with TPO  due its’ cost-effectiveness, flexibility, and low maintenance. It’s a thin and light-reflective roof, featuring a blend of various types of rubber, rather than plastic. They are incredibly effective in resisting bacteria, dirt, and debris build up.

The process of installing a TPO roof typically starts with installing the insulation board, which is typically mechanically fastened to the metal deck. Next, TPO is rolled out over the insulation board and heat welded at the seams. There are flashing kits that come along for all roofing obstructions, such as gutters, skylights, and curbs under rooftop A/C units.

Here at Good Faith Energy, we’ve built the expertise to thoroughly inspect your roof for damage, work with your insurance provider to file a claim, hire a public adjuster if needed to push it through, procure top-quality roofing materials, and deliver your roof replacement with minimal disruption and best in value service. We will never recommend a roof replacement unless it’s in your best interest.

Need an experienced team to inspect your roof, and walk you through this painful process as painlessly as possible? Fill out the Contact Form below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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