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The Solar Experts

Why Choose Good Faith Energy?

Good Faith Energy is a top-rated solar provider based in North Texas. When you choose GFE, we guarantee a smarter, safer, and more reliable energy future. We provide expert service in the fields of Solar, Smart Home, Energy Efficiency, EV Charging, and Energy Storage.

Learn about why Good Faith Energy is one of the most succesful companies in Texas:

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Produce Clean Energy

Good Faith Energy works closely with each client to design a custom solar system to meet your clean energy goals. Our team of highly experienced electricians and engineers will customize a taliored energy solution for your home or business allowing you to take full control of your energy production, consumption, and even storage. Above all, we focus on the local regulatory permitting to ensure a quality project delivery cycle .

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EV Charging

Charge Confidently

Install an EV charging station for convenience and reliability. Our licensed electricians provide you with peace of mind that your electrical systems are safe and secure with adequate capacity for your charger. Now that you’ve joined the ranks of environmentally conscious and smart consumers, make sure you’re fully enjoying the electric vehicle experience with an install from Good Faith Energy. Certifed by Tesla, Chargepoint, Blink, Juicebox, Siemens, and More.

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Energy Storage

Store Your Energy

Batteries allow you to store excess solar production that can be utilized in the evening when the sun is down. It also allows you to backup critical appliances, similar to a generator, when there's a power outage. You can also store your valuable energy and use it when you need it the most or when utility rates are highest. Control your costs and gain independence and increased savings with your own personal battery system!

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