Take advantage of solar incentives, and federal + utility credits.

Up to 30% tax credit and $8,500 in savings.


Savings & Rate Protection

Rather than being at the mercy of fluctuating energy costs, you can save money on your monthly bills with solar!


Going Green With Solar

Solar energy is an environmentally friendly power source that can bring us all one step closer to a sustainable future.


Energy Resilience & Independence

Instead of losing power during a blackout, you’ll enjoy constant, reliable power with solar energy. We also have warranties available.


Equity and Ownership

Solar panels can add value and curb appeal to any property, making them a wise investment.

Take advantage of our special financing and solar incentives.


Up to 30% Tax Credit

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Installing a solar panel system will qualify you for a credit on your federal tax return worth up to 30% of the total cost of the upgrade.


Up to $8,500 Utility Incentive

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Qualify for up to $8,500 when installing a solar system with energy storage back up system.


Financing Options

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You can finance your solar installation with low monthly installments through our finance partners or through a mortgage when building a new home.

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Let Us Bring Solar to Your Home in 5 Easy Steps

➊ Aerial Imagery & Bill Analysis

We’ll analyze your energy usage and how much sunlight your home receives. Next, we’ll survey your home using drone scans to create a project proposal.

➋ Load Analysis for Backup Power

If you’re interested in home battery backups, our engineers will determine how many batteries you’ll require using CAD software to create a rendering.

➌ Customized Financial Solution

Finance your system on a plan that works for you with help from our ethical sales team. Many systems can be financed over 25 years with no money down, and you can enjoy the benefits of tax credits.

➍ Professional Solar Installation

Our team will get to work on installing your solar panels, taking care of any HOA, city, and utility permits. From scheduling to the final inspections, we have it covered.

➎ Enjoy the Benefits of Solar

Enjoy all the benefits of going solar with clean, sustainable energy at your fingertips. And if you ever need our dedicated service team, Good Faith Energy is just a phone call away.


Get A Personalized Solar System Quote

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