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Optimizing Solar With Free Night Plans.

How To Optimize Solar With Free Nights Plan

When going solar in Texas homeowners have the ability to choose from multiple solar net metering buyback programs. With so many options available, it can be confusing when decide which solar net metering plan to go with. Texas has an open grid market, meaning there are multiple options for deciding which retail electric utility provider to go with. Some of these retail electric providers offer free nights electric plans. These free nights plans can be available for those with and without solar systems. Homeowners who have solar panels paired with batteries can truly benefit more by pairing a free nights plan with their renewable energy system.

How the Free Nights Plan Works

In order to make the most out of a free nights plan, solar-battery owners must configure their systems to optimize their energy usage with the free nights plan. Systems are configured using time-based controls that allow the batteries to discharge during certain times of the day. The batteries and solar panels will offset the higher cost of kilowatt hours that would otherwise be used from the grid. Batteries will be set to charge during times when the grid energy is free to consume.

During these free times, solar customers should take the opportunity to maximize using that energy. One of the ways to maximize the use of free energy from the grid is by using appliances and heavy duty appliances. The free times are generally in the morning sometime between 7:00 to 8:00 a.m. After the free times, the solar starts producing and the batteries are fully charged which provides complete energy independence from the grid when energy is at a premium.

Watch our Youtube video for more information about the Free Nights Plan!

How to Optimize your Solar & Battery Backup System with a Free Nights Plan

Home solar energy products such as the Tesla Powerwall and FranklinWH batteries are ideal product options. They allow users to fine-tune their systems to maximize effectiveness and savings by using a free nights plan.

How to Configure Tesla Powerwall Settings for the Free Nights Plan

Tesla Powerwall paired with the SPAN Smart Electric Plan & SPAN Drive

Tesla Powerwall owners can configure their system for free nights by changing the settings for time-based controls in the Tesla app under Powerwall settings. Time based controls are set using peak and non peak hours for setting up the battery with the free nights schedule. The peak hours are times when grid energy is not free. Non-peak hours are times when the grid energy is free.

During the non-peak hours, Tesla Powerwall users should ensure that their grid charging is enabled. This ensures the batteries are charged up to 100% using free energy from the grid. The Powerwall will charge from the grid during non peak hours, while during peak hours the batteries will only be recharged with excess solar energy produced during the day. At night Powerwall’s will charge to 100% and stay on standby until the time comes when the peak hours start.

Typically when the peak hours start in the morning, solar panels will begin to produce energy, thereby offsetting grid usage and recharging the batteries, so that the house is energy independent during the day.

How to Configure FranklinWH Battery Settings for the Free Nights Plan

The same kind of system configuration that can be applied to the FranklinWH battery systems. The FranklinWH system has time-based controls very similar to the Tesla Powerwall app.

Further Optimize Your Solar System

These two systems can be paired with a SPAN Smart Home Electric Panel. The SPAN paired with the two former-mentioned battery systems provides the ultimate tool for understanding, and utilizing home energy needs. These solar systems paired with free nights plans save homeowners more money, and allow them to be more energy independent!

Please consult with a tax professional to discuss potential taxes or fees incurred by charging the batteries from the grid. Feel free contacting one of our solar specialists with questions on how to optimize systems utilizing free nights plans. Schedule a free consultation today with our solar professionals! Discuss solar-battery options and learn more about solar buyback net metering plans. 

Fact checked by Jacob Petrosky – 4/26/2024