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SPAN – The Smart Electrical Panel

SPAN.IO the company behind the Smart Electrical Panel and SPAN Drive EV Charger is a partner of Good Faith Energy. We’ve installed their product on countless homes around DFW and Texas. Based on this experience, we can confidently say that SPAN produces great products.

SPAN Electric Panel

The SPAN Smart Electrical Panel is the leader in load management paired with solar. Its main purpose is to give you control and monitoring over every circuit in your home from the convenience of your phone. One key feature is that you can shut off any circuit at any time- even if you’re away from home. This is useful those times when the grid goes out if you aren’t home. Without load management, your air conditioner or phantom loads may actually use up all of your home battery’s power before you get home.

The SPAN Panel really shines when you install solar panels and batteries on your home along with it. If an outage ever occurs, you have all the tools you need to keep your most important home appliances up and running. The SPAN Panel allows you to see how much energy you have saved in your battery and how long your home can be powered by prioritizing specific appliances. You can also extend your power by shutting down unnecessary circuits. The SPAN Panel paired with solar panels is especially useful if you have any vital medical devices or equipment that needs to be kept on at all times. These features allow you to become fully energy-independent, so if another power outage occurs like Snowmageddon in 2021, you’ll be more than prepared and safe despite the circumstances.


Span electric panel and  span mobile app

The SPAN App is how you view all of this information and control the features discussed above. The best aspect of the app is that it can be accessed on your phone at any time, and anywhere. This way, you have direct control over your home just at your fingertips.

SPAN Drive

The SPAN Drive is a new EV Charger recently released by SPAN. By pairing the SPAN Smart Electrical Panel with SPAN Drive EV Charger, you can charge your Electric Vehicle at an incredible speed. Other EV chargers typically provide electricity at 5.7- 9.6 kW. The SPAN drive competes against that by providing 11.5 kW. That’s 41 miles of range added to your car per hour with the SPAN Drive compared to 27 miles with other chargers. They’ll also have other beneficial features added in the near future such as avoiding charging during peak hours, and charging during outages.

Span electric panel and  EV charger installed

Additional Resources:

If you’re still on the fence deciding whether to get a SPAN Panel for your home, we also have additional resources on our YouTube channel. This video will help you decide whether the SPAN Panel is right for you. And here is an unboxing video of the SPAN Panel- so that you can see its physical features.

Additionally, SPAN recently recorded an interview with Good Faith Energy’s founder, Mo Abdalla. They installed the first SPAN Drive on his solar-powered home in Texas. You can view it here.

We also have an online interview with SPAN’s founder, Arch Rao. Mo and Arch delve into:

  • Why SPAN reinvented the electrical panel
  • How SPAN helps homeowners with increasingly occurring blackouts
  • How customer satisfaction is shaping renewable energy technology
  • Arch’s predictions for the long-term impacts of global supply chain issues on the clean energy industry
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