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What is the Tesla Electric Plan?

The Tesla Electric Plan allows homeowners with a Powerwall or Electric Vehicle in deregulated Texas areas to monitor energy usage, lower bills, sell excess energy, and charge EVs at an affordable rate.

Well, now you can choose between Tesla Electric’s Dynamic Plan and their newly introduced Fixed Electricity Plan. Let’s dive in to learn a little more into the details so you can decide if the plan makes sense for your home.

$400 Powerwall Credit with Tesla Electric | Is it Worth It?

Dynamic & Fixed Plans

Tesla Electric’s Dynamic and Fixed Plans are designed with one goal in mind: to Power Your Home, Vehicle, and Community Sustainably and with utmost certainty.

Good Faith Energy has been a long-time partner with Tesla. Between our Premier Installer Certification, our thousands of EV chargers and Powerwalls installed, and our numerous Tesla solar roofs installed across Texas, we believe that Tesla is a pillar of innovation in the energy industry. Their continuous growth proves that to be true.

Did you know that Tesla actually created its own electricity plan for your Texas home? When paired with a Tesla Powerwall and GFE solar system, you can maximize savings from your system when it matters most.

How the Tesla Electric Plan Works

As a homeowner, you can monitor your home’s energy usage in real-time. Tesla offsets the energy you use from the grid over the course of a year with Texas-generated sustainable energy. This means you unlock more value from your Powerwall, resulting in lower electricity bills compared to other plans. Unlike net metering plans, which can become more expensive if your energy usage increases, or free-night plans, which may not align with your usage habits and solar system size, Tesla Electric has no hidden fees or high base charges. Sellback credits can be used to offset any charge, including delivery fees.

Starting now, if you choose Tesla Electric as your Retail Energy Provider, you will receive a guaranteed $400 in credits annually per Powerwall! The credit amount is broken down and credited every month, which will be just over $33 per month, per Powerwall.

Tesla Electric Plan app phone screen


To qualify for this plan, customers must have a Tesla Powerwall. Additionally, you need to live in an energy deregulated area of Texas. Fortunately, more than 85% of Texas is in a deregulated area. Our solar consultants at Good Faith Energy will answer any questions about your specific area and if it’s deregulated. This will be on a 12-month contract; however, there’s no early termination fee, no base fee, and the credits received can offset any line item on the bill, including EV fixed charges and TDU charges.

Switching electricity providers is easier than ever. The Transmission and Distribution Utility (TDU) is the company that delivers electricity to your home. This means that switching your electric provider is as easy as calling and switching over.

Virtual Power Plant (VPP)

Instead of spending hundreds of millions of dollars to build a new power plant, we can now pull energy from all the Tesla Powerwalls on Tesla Electric’s retail energy plan to provide valuable grid services to consumers around Texas! Not only will you save money on your electricity bill, but you can even make money with Tesla Electric. For example, our CEO Mo sells his energy back during the day when he is at work and the kids are off at school. Last Tuesday, Tesla paid him $75 while he was operating the company.

Using the Tesla App, you can sell back your generated energy at a fixed export rate of between $0.054-$0.05/kWh, instead of the real-time power pricing from the dynamic plan. This increases the certainty of what your electric bill looks like month after month. Tesla allows you to decide just how much power you are keeping stored inside your batteries or send off to the VPP simply by sliding along your battery reserve right from your phone.

Benefits for Tesla EV Owners

Have an EV from Tesla? Tesla actually gives your home the option to have unlimited nighttime charging for less than $25 a month per vehicle. Not only are you saving money on your electricity, but you are charging your car at an unbeatable locked-in rate, which is huge as we’ve all seen gas prices skyrocket by the day.

electric vehicle in front of house with solar

Tesla wants you to see the impact you’ve made each day, so check out how self-powered you were each day. But it’s not just about saving money today; it’s also about increasing reliability and lowering emissions for a planet we’ve borrowed from our children. Choosing an electricity plan is not just about the plan itself; it’s about the mission behind it.

Our Commitment to You

Good Faith Energy has officially been in business for a whole decade! From day one, our team has taken great pride in providing the best service, products, and solar installation for our customers. We are passionate about making the world’s energy cleaner and more reliable. We are here to answer any and all of your questions, from solar panels to batteries to innovative electric plans like the Tesla Electric program. Our mission is to guide you through your solar and energy independence journey.

The Tesla Electric plan is something that we love suggesting to our customers if it makes sense for them. It can be a path to substantial savings on your energy bills, increased energy efficiency, and a sustainable future.

Don’t wait any longer. Call us today to get your solar, battery, and virtual power journey started!