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Texas Solar Panel Installer

Your Trusted Texas Solar Panel Installer

Good Faith Energy is a leading Texas Solar Panel Installer, dedicated to providing top-quality solar solutions that make clean energy accessible and affordable across Texas. Whether you’re looking to reduce your energy bills, increase your property’s value, or transition to a more sustainable lifestyle, our expert team is here to guide you every step of the way.

Benefits of Residential Solar Panel Installation

home with solar panels and SPAN Panels

As your reliable Texas Solar Panel Installer, Good Faith Energy offers solutions that significantly reduce your electricity bills and ensure you have power during outages. Solar panels provide the independence you need from rising energy costs and grid uncertainties. This sustainable choice not only lowers your carbon footprint but also enhances your home’s efficiency and comfort.

With competitive solar panel price in Texas, investing in solar technology is both affordable and beneficial, giving you energy autonomy and peace of mind while contributing positively to the environment. Join the many homeowners across Texas who are already enjoying the substantial benefits of solar energy.

Solar Panel Price in Texas

Exploring the solar panel cost Texas? Good Faith Energy offers competitive pricing on high-quality solar solutions tailored to meet your energy needs. The cost of solar panels can vary based on factors like system size and your home’s energy requirements. However, investing in solar panels is increasingly affordable due to technological advancements and available tax incentives. By choosing solar energy, you not only reduce your monthly electricity bills but also invest in a sustainable future.

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Financing & Incentives for Solar Panels in Texas

Unlock significant savings with solar panel price incentives in Texas. As a leading Texas Solar Panel Installer, Good Faith Energy helps you benefit from current tax incentives, including a 30% tax credit for systems installed in 2022 and 2023. This credit covers costs like solar panels, permitting fees, and related sales taxes. Financing options are available, allowing you to include the cost in your mortgage or opt for a solar lease or power purchase agreement (PPA) without upfront payment. These financial strategies enhance affordability, letting you enjoy reduced energy costs and a sustainable power source without the initial financial burden.

Is Your Home Suited for Solar Panels?

Wondering if your home is right for solar panels? As a leading Texas Solar Panel Installer, Good Faith Energy evaluates whether your home is ideal for solar. In Texas, homes that receive ample, direct sunlight throughout the day are typically great candidates. However, not all homes are suitable. The suitability often depends on the size and slope of your roof, which should ideally be between 15 and 40 degrees.

If there are no restrictions from homeowners associations and your home meets these criteria, we can proceed with a professional installation.

Get a Quote on Solar Panel Installation

Turn to Good Faith Energy, a trusted Texas Solar Panel Installer, to enhance your home’s appeal and value with energy-efficient solar panels. Discover how you can benefit from attractive solar panel prices in Texas, current tax incentives, and flexible financing options. Contact us today for a comprehensive assessment of your home. We’re ready to provide you with a detailed quote and show you how solar panels can make your property more appealing to potential buyers, boosting its overall value while saving you money on energy costs.

Solar Panel Commonly Asked Questions

What’s the average lifespan of solar panels?

Solar panels are designed to be a long-term investment. On average, solar panels can last anywhere from 25 to 30 years. However, it’s important to note that “lifespan” doesn’t mean the panels stop working after this time. Instead, this is typically when their efficiency—how well they convert sunlight into electricity—starts to decrease more significantly.

How do you maintain and care for solar panels?

How you take care of your solar panels can make a big difference in how long they last. Regular maintenance, like cleaning them and having them inspected for damage, can help keep your panels in top shape.

How do you extend the life of solar panels?

Regular inspections by trusted solar providers like Good Faith Energy are crucial for solar panel efficiency and longevity. Annual checks can prevent minor issues from becoming major, saving costs and extending panel lifespan.

Do I have to purchase batteries when going solar?

No, you can have solar panels installed without batteries. Although is it highly recommended that batteries be paired with solar panel installation because they store excess solar energy that can be used in either an emergency grid outage, or to help offset daily grid energy consumption. Without batteries paired to solar panels, the solar panels cannot operate “off-grid” or when the power is out.

What’s solar buyback net-metering?

Once you go solar, you can sign up for a solar buyback net-metering plan. Solar buyback plans gives solar owners the ability to earn electric bill credits for excess solar energy generated. Then, it sends it to the greater grid.  This greatly helps with lowering overall electric bills.

How do I get my electric bill to $0?

Homeowners can reduce their electric bills to $0 by maximizing energy efficiency with solar-battery technology. Complete systems with a SPAN smart panel and net-metering plan provide control and strategic usage to optimize savings and achieve energy independence.

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solar battery backup system