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Solar and Powerwalls

tesla solar and powerwall

With the quickly approaching Texas summer days, it is no surprise than many people are beginning to consider ways to take the power back- in more ways than one. Whether your goal is to take power back from the natural elements, including ever-impending power outages, or simply taking power back from your electrical company, it is worth a thought to consider pairing your solar with a powerwall.

Tesla Powerwalls

Tesla Powerwalls give you the freedom to not need grid energy for your daily life. A Powerwall is a giant battery for your home and it stores energy for a few instances: for when no solar energy is being generated (like at night or on a cloudy day), when not enough energy is being generated to power your home (those hot Texas summer days are on their way), as well as in conjunction with the app to take advantage of off-peak grid prices. The Powerwall works either with your solar panels by generating electricity and feeding energy directly into the Powerwall, or by storing energy directly from the grid without the usage of solar panels. This energy is stored for later use whenever needed and can be automated or customized to your specific needs through the app.

Tesla Powerwall App

The Tesla Powerwall app allows you, the user, to have complete control over how your stored energy is utilized. The first option is 100% backup power. This is in case of power outages and not being able to generate solar due to the absence of a solar system. This self-powered option allows you to use stored energy to power your home when no solar energy is being generated (i.e, at night), and with this option, you can also set a certain percentage for reserve emergency power. The next option is the time-based option that allows the app to analyze peak and off peak hours, so you can utilize your power company’s off-peak power incentives. For example, during peak hours, you may be charged 30 cents a kilowatt, and off peak, 10 cents a kilowatt. You would utilize off peak hours to fill the powerwall, and then use the powerwall during peak hours to save the difference.


While powerwalls can be independent from solar, in order to reap the full benefits, they’re best utilized as a full system. Although solar panels allow you to produce your own energy, oftentimes, it is still not enough to fulfill all of your electric needs- even with a large solar system. Without a powerwall, chances are, you would still need to utilize energy from your electrical company. By having a powerwall, you can essentially avoid using any electricity from the grid, giving you complete control over how you consume and store energy. If you’re looking for a life of efficiency and independence, solar and battery is your answer