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EV Charging

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Charge From Home

Because residential charging is convenient and inexpensive, most plug-in electric vehicle (also known as electric cars or EVs) drivers do more than 80% of their charging at home. Charging in a single-family home, usually in a garage, allows you to take advantage of low, stable residential electricity rates. The cost to run your car over the course of a year can be less than running an air conditioner. Charging at a multi-family residential complex, like a condo or apartment, is possible, but can be complex and more similar to public charging.

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EV Charger

Tesla Wall Connector

A Tesla Wall Connector is the most convenient way to charge at your home or office, with the fastest charge speeds. Simply plug in overnight and wake up to a full charge, every morning. For unique power situations, the Wall Connector can also be installed with lower amperage circuit breakers to support almost any existing electrical system.

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EV Charger

Other Chargers

For those of you that drive an electric car, you will require an EV charger that will power up your vehicle. Compared with the regular plug, using a home electric car charger can be up to 2.5 times faster and be far more intuitive to use. When it comes to the different types of charging cords, you have the choice of a 120 volt (Level 1) or 240 volt (Level 2) power cords. Opting for a Level 2 EV charger will result in a much faster charging time, which of course is more desirable.

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