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The Basics

The Tesla Powerwall is a battery system that turns your solar panels into an all-day resource – increasing self-consumption of solar – while also offering backup in the event of an outage. Powerwall enables more of your home’s electricity use to come from solar, which enhances solar functionality and reduces energy costs.

One can use solar energy at night, harvest cheaper energy to use later, never worry about lights going out and gain energy autonomy. The Tesla Powerwall is a complete system – ready for connection. In contrast to most other battery systems in the market the Tesla Powerwall components are built into a single high-quality casing and perfectly attuned to each other – thereby ensuring maximum longevity and the highest quality with a small footprint. With or without solar, we also recommend the number of Powerwalls you need to ensure at least 24 hours of power during a utility grid outage.

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Tesla Powerwall App

The Tesla app allows you to view your battery consuption and production in real time. This is done with an animation showing you exactly what your stored power is going to. If you have solar installed with your Powerwall, you can also view your solar production through the app as well.

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Good Faith Energy is a Certified Tesla Installer

As you may already know, we were selected as one of a few companies in the entire state of Texas to be designated as Tesla Certified installers in their Home Charging Program but what you might not know is that we install their home chargers for their electric vehicles, but we also install Tesla battery systems and do subcontracting work for their solar systems that need to be detached and reinstalled. Whenever a storm hits the area and re-roofs are needed for Tesla customers, Good Faith Energy is listed as one of two certified subcontractors that can complete the service work while keeping in-tact all warranties.

We have installed more than 500 Electric Vehicle Chargers- 75 Tesla Powerwall Batteries- and Serviced over 1000 solar panels for Tesla customers!

Tesla Certified Installer

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