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Good Faith Energy provides custom backup power solutions for commercial, residential, and off-grid applications. Backup power is there for you when a blackout occurs. By one estimate, the annual number of blackouts in the United States has doubled between 2015 and 2020. To keep yourself and your family safe, you need backup power solutions you can trust when the lights go out. Regain control of your power with help from Good Faith Energy and our solar powered backup battery solutions.

We provide energy storage solutions that allow you to discharge your solar energy when the sun’s not shining, and recharge it when it is. During a power outage scenario, they can ensure your most critical circuits stay powered. And if you’re a commercial customer, they can help you both reduce demand charges and provide backup power to your business.

Coupling a battery backup option with your commercial or residential solar system will ensure your energy security during times of distress on the Texas power grid.  You can also generate your own power and store it with an off-grid system that allows you to control your own utilities. You won’t find a better choice for energy storage systems in Austin, Texas and the entire Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, including but not limited to Addison, TX; McKinney, TX; Carrollton, TX; University Park, TX; Arlington, TX; Fort Worth, TX; Allen, TX; Southlake, TX; Prosper, TX; Celina, TX Irving, TX; Royse City, TX; Garland, TX; Plano, TX; Rockwall, TX; and Frisco, TX.

Solar Energy Storage

The modern electric grid is more susceptible to blackouts than ever before because of the old age of many electric grids and the unrelenting ferocity of climate change. Most municipalities in the United States rely on grids that were constructed in the mid-1950s. Nowadays, however, many of these municipalities are realizing that the lifespan of these grids is coming to an end. In addition, extreme weather events are happening more often and are increasing in strength. The most helpful solution for homes and businesses to stay powered up is to turn to distributed solar and battery backup systems.

You can invest in a backup power system from Good Faith Energy to keep your property safe from power outages. Get power storage for home energy efficiency and take advantage of the reliable service provided by a company with top ratings on Google, Yelp, and Facebook!

Backup Power Banks

Take back ownership of your family’s power and security with a backup power system. These backup systems can give you peace of mind in times of uncertainty without being a major burden on your finances.

With a backup power system, not only will you have backup power in the event of a power outage, but you can also store excess solar power that’s generated during the day and have it ready to use when the sun goes down. You can also program your batteries to discharge during peak times to help you save on energy and avoid running up charges. An energy storage system from Good Faith Energy can also track approaching storm systems and prioritize backup power.

The knowledgeable in-house engineers at Good Faith Energy can custom design a backup power solution that makes sure you’re using the ideal amount of power for your home, allowing you to have total control over your residential power application. We also provide commercial backup power solutions. Let us help you take back the power and regain control over your property. For power storage for home and business owners, get in touch with Good Faith Energy.

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Off-Grid Energy Installations

If you don’t want to rely on the volatility of the grid, you can have an off-grid system designed to create all the power you need on your very own property. With an off-grid installation, you can have control over the amount of power you’re using in your home or business. Ideal for properties like tiny homes, wilderness cabins, or dwellings with no access to the electrical grid, an off-grid installation will allow you to set your budget for backup power and stick to it.

Good Faith Energy can help you create an off-grid design that will estimate the amount of load needed to satisfy your energy consumption needs. This is an approximation that can, in some instances, be oversized or undersized. If your off-grid backup power is oversized, it will cost you more, but you won’t have to worry about having enough power for your load requirements. If you have an undersized off-grid installation, you might have problems meeting your load requirements. The good news is that the our team of engineers and electricians at Good Faith Energy will work hard to build an off-grid installation of the right size to meet your energy consumption needs. That way, you won’t be lacking the power you need to handle your load.

Good Faith Energy is ready to build an off-grid energy source for you. Contact us for an engineering analysis and custom off-grid build. And don’t forget to ask about power storage systems from Good Faith Energy today.

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