Custom Backup Power Solutions for

Commercial, Residential & Off-Grid Applications

By one estimate, from 2015 to 2020, the annual number of blackouts in the United States doubled. As a result, the demand for backup power solutions has gone through the roof. Regain control of your power and never get left in the dark or cold ever again.

Take Back the Power

The grid is not failing us. We’re failing the grid. Why you may ask? Because we’re asking it do something it wasn’t designed to do, under conditions it wasn’t designed to handle.

It all started in 1882 when Thomas Edison unveiled the first centralized power station on Pearl Street. Shortly after, Nikola Tesla figured out how to get electricity to travel long distances. After years of development, the United States ended up with 600,000 miles of transmission lines and 5.5 millions miles of distribution lines, forming the modern electric grid. It wasn’t only a technical marvel, but a civic one as well.

But you see, the modern electric grid now faces 2 critical challenges: old age and climate change. Most of the grid was constructed in the 50’s and 60’s. Moreover, it came with a 50-year life. In addition, extreme weather events are becoming more frequent and increasing in strength. The most reliable solution? Distributed solar and battery backup systems.

Power outages can be caused by extreme weather events, animals, increased demand vs supply, among a host of other reasons. Why risk it? Invest in resiliency for you and your family today with a backup power system from Good Faith Energy.

Regain Control

Uncertainty exists everywhere around us. If you need a reminder, just turn on the News (or don’t for your own sanity). By investing in your own backup power system, you’re making a statement to the world: I’m taking back ownership of my family’s power, security, finances, and peace of mind.

Adding a battery backup system doesn’t only give you backup power when there’s a power outage, like traditional generators. You can store the excess solar power generated during the day and use it when the sun’s not shining. Additionally, you can program your batteries to discharge during peak times in order to avoid surcharges and maximize savings. Lastly, energy storage systems can automatically track weather systems to prioritize power backup if an approaching storm is detected, and can be warrantied for up to 15 years.

Choose to backup your whole home, or partially, depending on what you consider to be the most ideal setup to power your essentials during a blackout. Our engineers can help design a tailor-made solution that meets your project goals and gives you back control during the most vulnerable times. Sitting without power for any period of time sucks! In other words, take back the power and regain control!

Off-Grid Installations

All off-grid systems must be designed “backwards”, from the “loads” to the “source”. This is somewhat different from the approach for grid-tied systems, where consumption is moderately known, and a goal can be established to offset the percentage of consumption as desired by the client.. and their available budget.

For off-grid designs, loads are a best-effort approximation. The greater the error in that approximation, the greater the error in the system design. If you over-estimate your energy consumption needs, the system will be larger than required. In that case, you’ll have spent more money than necessary, at least up front. That’s not entirely bad because of a condition called  “load creep”. No matter what the initial loads and energy requirement, it always goes up. If the system is over-sized initially .. you may eventually grow into it.
The opposite of over-sizing is (of course) under-sizing. This is the more difficult of the two situations to correct, and what we try diligently to avoid. Over-sizing costs more, but will meet your load requirements. Under-sizing means the system won’t do the job intended. That said, to do a reasonable job of designing a system to meet your requirements means a lot of initial homework on your end.
We’re ready to join you on your journey to build that off-grid cabin or tiny home you’ve always dreamt of! Work with us on a fully-detailed engineering analysis and a custom build out if you’re in our service territory.

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