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Solar Company in Allen, Texas

Leading Solar Provider in Allen, Texas

Good Faith Energy stands as the top-rated solar installer in Allen, Texas. Fully registered and insured, we specialize in installing high-quality solar systems equipped with battery backups to ensure your energy independence. Our reputation as a leading solar provider across Texas is built on delivering exceptional products and electrical installations, backed by industry-leading warranties that guarantee customer satisfaction.

Our team of over 70 professionals, spanning sales, marketing, engineering, project management, procurement, field engineering, installation, and a substantial cadre of electricians, ensures that every phase of the installation is handled with expert care and precision. This comprehensive approach allows us to provide unparalleled service and maintain strict quality control for each project we undertake in Allen.

solar panels installation on the roof by Good Faith Energy

Comprehensive Energy Solutions

At Good Faith Energy, we provide comprehensive and customized energy solutions designed to meet the unique needs of our clients in Allen:

  • Residential Solar Solutions
  • Commercial Solar Solutions
  • Solar Servicing & Maintenance
  • Certified Tesla Product Installer
  • Solar Energy Storage
  • Roofing Services

The Solar Installation Process at Good Faith Energy

Usage & Consumption Analysis

We begin by examining your last year’s electric bills to assess your energy needs. This allows us to accurately determine the number of photovoltaic (PV) modules required for your home or business.

Custom Solar & Storage Design

Our in-house engineers utilize state-of-the-art CAD software and proprietary tools to design a solar system tailored specifically to your roof, ensuring optimal performance and integration.

Right Financial Solution

We assist you in exploring financial options, whether you prefer cash payments or need assistance finding the best solar financing solutions tailored to your budget and goals.

Installation by Our Expert Team

Our project managers oversee the entire installation process, ensuring that every aspect runs smoothly from start to finish, providing you with a hassle-free experience.

Benefits of Clean, Sustainable Energy

After installation, relax and enjoy the environmental and economic benefits of your new solar system. With Good Faith Energy, you are in good hands, enjoying clean energy and contributing to a sustainable future.

Tailored for Optimal Performance

Choosing the right solar system involves understanding several critical factors that affect cost, savings, and energy production:

  • Location and Sunlight: Your home’s location and the amount of sunlight it receives are crucial in determining the appropriate system size.
  • Roof Configuration: We consider your roof’s layout to maximize exposure to sunlight.
  • Energy Needs and Goals: We tailor systems based on how much electricity you use and wish to generate.
  • Long-term Value: It’s essential to consider the durability and efficiency of the system over time. Our commitment extends beyond installation—we provide ongoing maintenance and service to ensure your system performs at its best for years.

By focusing on these elements, Good Faith Energy ensures that each solar solution we install in Allen not only meets but exceeds your expectations for energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Choose us for a solar installation that’s designed to last and tailored to fit your specific needs.

houses with solar panels
solar battery backup system