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Good Faith Everything

About us

What Is Good Faith Energy

Good Faith Energy was started in 2015 by our founder and CEO, Mohammed Abdalla. Since then we have been helping people like you make the leap to clean and renewable energy. To learn more watch our video here.

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Go Green

Why it Matters

Working with Good Faith Energy allows you to decrease your carbon footprint while also lowering, or even eliminating, your electric bill! Working with Good Faith Energy also allows you to take advantage of available incentives and tax credits and increase your property value. We allow you to gain your energy Independence from expensive utility companies.

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The Solar Experts

Why Choose Good Faith Energy

Good Faith Energy isn't just a top-rated solar provider based in North Texas, we are your turn key solution for a smarter, safer, and more reliable energy future. Good Faith Energy provides expert service in the fields of Solar, Smart Home, Energy Efficiency, EV Charging, and Energy Storage. GFE also provides top rated electrical services outside of solar.

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