Solar Energy Inspired by Climate Action & Social Impact

Good Faith Energy is a renewable energy developer and social enterprise focused on the development of solar photovoltaic projects in North Texas.

Together, Dallas-Fort Worth, will transformation into a clean energy ecosystem- where residents & businesses are empowered to gain advantages financially, socially, and environmentally.

Sustainability. Integrity. Education. Future of Energy.

The transformation towards a new energy economy starts and ends with distributed generation- eachCommunity Solar one of us, working side by side, producing and storing energy on-site cleanly and responsibly.

There are several driving forces behind the mass adoption of clean energy, including economics, advancements in technology, and environmental stewardship. We believe all of these elements must work harmoniously in order to not only build a sustainable energy future, but a sustainable hybrid business model and company culture.

Residential & Commercial Solar 

Solar for homes and businesses creates the opportunity to support an energy infrastructure built for the growth and development of our City, neighborhoods, and country. At Good Faith Energy,  we’re also aware of the sensible and advantageous decision to make the transition towards a solar-electric relationship, that include:

  • Produce your own electricity.
  • Save money by offsetting electricity costs.
  • Increase the value of your property.
  • Reduce your carbon footprint.

Consulting, Advisory, & Research

Our solar consultants and design team work with you to find the best solutions for your property. We want to understand your current consumption data and match it with your property’s production potential. Our team can source award-winner solar PV panels, top of the line micro-inverters, & the best data monitoring in-home devises. Lets discuss:

  1. Utility Incentives & Tax Credits
  2. Environmental Impact Measurement
  3. Solar PV Design & Engineering
  4. Emerging Technologies in the Solar Market
  5. Micro-Grid Development & Community Solar

Social Impact Focus: Solar Empowerment in Emerging Markets

The Good Faith Impact Fund is a public charity focusing on “Training, Education, & Development” by providing solar-based solutions that help achieve basic needs, such as electricity and lighting. The empowerment of independent power and off-grid community options, speak to the core of the company: acting in Good Faith.

Power plants light up 40 million American homes annually, releasing 60 million tons of carbon in the atmosphere. So while the vast majority of us have an abstract relationship with electricity, we’re actually directly contributing to one of the biggest sustainability challenge of the 21st century- climate change. At Good Faith Energy, we’ve made it our mission to lead local transformations towards a carbon-neutral world- and drive our communities to do the same.

Clean-Energy Economy

When we flip a switch at home or crank up the AC at work, a power plant immediately receives a request to fulfill an electric load. In order to fulfill that load, a power plant will generate power using one of two energy sources- renewable or non-renewable. Our current energy infrastructure relies on traditional fossil fuel power plants to power our homes.Renewable energy allows Texans to take advantage of the State’s abundance of natural & clean resources. 

Community Innovation

Good Faith Energy is proud to source cutting edge solar technologies. We partner with leading manufacturers ensure that DFW clients are utilizing affordable and new products. We promote “Smart Home” devices that lead to an interconnected household. We also support “Smart City” initiatives vision of local transformations toward a clean, efficient, & data-conscious neighborhoods.

As a result, we aim to work with community stakeholders with the intention to to provide innovative energy solutions through the development of new clean technologies, entrepreneurship, and solar PV systems.


ONCOR Certified in Dallas