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Maximize Energy Savings

Head towards a cleaner, smarter future with Good Faith Energy. Find out how you can start saving money and impacting your local community today.

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Say Goodbye to Energy Bills for Good!

Depending on your power consumption and the size and design of your solar PV system, it’s possible to go net-zero with solar- and even completely off grid- with the integration of an energy storage.  How can you get free fuel from the sun and help the environment in the process?  These questions and more can be answered by our certified clean energy experts.  Allow us to set you up develop a solar PV project that works for you. State of the art technology allows us to know the exact kWh being produced by each solar module, and 24/7 monitoring with automatic email notifications in the event of a failure gives you ease of mind that your solar system is living up to its full potential.




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Going Solar

    1. Talk to a solar consultant
    2. Design approval and installation
    3. City and utility inspections
    4. System commissioning


Project Development

Projects are evaluated through a free, four-stage technical and financial assessment of client’s: site, energy consumption, budget and choice of investment (Cash Purchase, Finance, or PPA).

Free Consultation

We help you

Save money on electricity costs
Increase your property value
Lock in long-term financial savings
Reduce your carbon footprint
Create sustained social impact


Engineering, Procurement, and Construction

With deep technical and regulatory expertise, Good Faith Energy is able to serve communities with all of their clean energy needs. As these emerging technologies continue to improve, we’ll stay committed to delivering value engineering to all of our customers.

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Client Services

Energy Storage
Smart Home Automation


Social Impact

Social impact is a key element of our belief system and we are relentlessly pursuing opportunities that create and sustain social value. Our expertise in Social Impact Assessment & Measurement helps organizations increase their capacity to improve social impact through various strategy, business model, and design thinking frameworks.

Good Faith Energy is committed to partnering with non-profits and local entrepreneurs to make clean energy more affordable and manageable. We believe in collaborative action- let us know how we can help make a difference in your community.

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“A novel solution to an existing social problem that is more effective, efficient, sustainable or just than existing solutions, and for which the value created accrues primarily to society as a whole rather than private individuals”



Good Faith Energy was founded with a simple message: engaging in good faith is simply good business. After recognizing the market need for a solar developer focused on long-term, sustainable renewable energy supply, we decided to make it the core of our business. We’re also aware of the real value add of renewable energy: social impact.


Our brand will be national, our commitment local, our impact global, and our standards the highest- to the long term benefit of our employees, customers and community.