Tesla Solar Roof Preview


Before Purchasing Your Tesla Solar Roof get a good idea of what you will be looking for with a quick technology rundown and rendering.

Included in your report:

Satellite Imaging Model

  • EagleView roof diagram with detailed measurements and pitch of each facet.
  • Customized 3D rendering of your roof home or building showcasing the solar system size, non-producing tiles, shading analysis, and estimated production based on location design of solar producing tiles on your roof.

Electrical Analysis

  • A one on one live audit of your electrical needs.
  • A detailed description of the project process and product options with a pricing breakdown.

Virtual Preliminary Quote

  • A descriptive review of your custom report with one of our in-house Solar Sales Engineers.
  • PDF Copy of satellite report and exact proposal provided at meeting conclusion.

** The $250 will apply toward your Tesla Solar Roof deposit if you decide to move forward with the project.


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