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At Good Faith Energy, our executive team embraces a

Human-Driven Sustainability approach.

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Meet the Good Faith Team

President & Founder

Mohammed Abdalla

Good Faith Energy was started by Mohammed Abdalla in 2014 with a goal to be a top rated solar electrical company specializing in the design & installation of solar PV projects. Abdalla received a BSBA from University of Tulsa and has an extensive background in the oil and gas corporate world. The name Good Faith Energy comes from his background in fossil fuels, where he would often find operators and activities referred to as conducted in “good faith”. Deep in his heart, Abdalla knew what these companies were actually doing was anything but “good faith”. Over the course of his professional career, Abdalla embarked on a journey to coin a new meaning for the term. Abdalla is inspired by what Elon Musk refers to as the “solar-electric” economy. As a result, Abdalla is driven to create an increasingly-electrified energy and transportation sector in North Texas, powered by innovations in solar and batteries. These solutions, make local communities smarter, safer, and cleaner”. Abdalla believes that clean energy development provides a true triple bottom line approach to business. As a result, he received an executive degree from the University of Pennsylvania in social impact strategy and has applied such frameworks towards a social enterprise business model.

  • BSBA in Energy Management & Finance, University of Tulsa
  • Executive Degree in Social Impact Strategy, University of Pennsylvania
  • 2017 Solar Advocate of the Year, Texas Pioneer Solar Awards
Master Electrician

Michael Solano

Michael Solano is a Master Electrician at Good Faith Energy. He brings 9 years of extensive leadership experience as an electrician to the team. Solano is a certified Tesla Powerwall installer & a certified Tesla Charger installer. Solano carries a B.A in Kinesiology from Harding University in Arkansas.
Project Management

Clayton Meeker

Hi guys – this is Clayton. I’m a recovering accounting with professional stints in the custom software, banking, and investment industries. I went down a rabbit trail learning about electric cards, renewable energy, batteries and so on, and I’ve never come up for air. I connected to Good Faith Energy through some energy networking groups that I attended and an old relationship. It’s a privilege to help people reduce their carbon footprint and become energy independent through the work I do here at GFE, and I get to learn something new everyday.

Solar Journeyman

Sevohn Greer

Sevohn Greer has a 7 years experience as an electrician with 2 years of additional experience in heating and air conditioning. He earned a B.A in Kinesiology & Sports Management from Harding University in Arkansas. As a collegiate athlete, he won 1st team All-Southeast honors as a defensive back. Greer is a certified Tesla Powerwall installer and a certified Tesla Charger installer.
Residential solar/permiting

Brian Pounds

Brian Pounds works hard in the permitting department here at Good Faith Energy running permits back and forth so your solar PV system gets built on time!

Solar Apprentice

Aaron Bell

Aaron Bell has 4-years of experience in the solar energy and electrical industry. Bell has studied renewable technologies and electrical training in college. As a solar apprentice, Bell is focused on building a professional portfolio and career based upon solar developments in North Texas. Bell is a motorcycle instructor, a veteran of the U.S. Marines, and a loving father!
IT / Marketing Assistant

Ryan Bussey

Ryan Bussey has been working as an intern as a PV Designer and Marketing Assistant at Good Faith Energy since summer 2018. He assists the senior solar designer for PV designs and works closely with everyone in and out of the office to better the company in every which way. Ryan prepares consistent reports as a designer for cash flow analysis and determines cost of the projects with Aurora Solar Software while also helping with expanding our customer outreach through Social Media and Web development.


  • Studying towards a Bachelor’s of Computer Hardware Engineering, Northern Arizona University
  • McKinney Boyd High School Engineering
Energy Consultant

Aaron Andrews

This is Aaron but you can call him Double A. He just turned 40 this year and is excited to continue to help grow Good Faith Energy into the number 1 home efficiency company in the world. He played basketball at Hardin-Simmons University and has a marketing degree from Oklahoma State University. He spent 20 years in the fitness industry including owning his own personal training company and managing LA Fitness for several years, which taught him a lot about sales and people in general. Let’s just say he loves people and the gym. He also has a background in home energy efficiency. Aaron is looking forward to utilizing his skills to help as many people as possible achieve energy independence and save the planet!

Solar Expert Consultant

Marianna Archibald

Marianna Archibald is a huge part of the Good Faith Energy solar family. Marianna went to Harvard and earned a degree in Environmental Engineering and has been working as an Expert Solar Consultant since August 2018.

Procurement Manager

Osama Abdalla

Osama has been working as a Procurement Manager at Good Faith Energy for more than a year.

Sales Manager

Travis Ala

Travis has over 12 years of Leadership experience and has established himself as a subject matter expert in the field of energy efficiency. He has been responsible for training knowledgeable Consultants throughout DFW in performing energy audits and preparing tailor made, cost-effective solutions to lower utility bills and make homeowner’s comfortable.

Energy Consultant

Dustin Marsh

Dustin is a graduate of The University of North Texas with a Kinesiology/Mathematics degree. Dustin has spent over a decade consulting consumers on making the best financial investment(s) possible.

Solar PV Installer

Ryan Hilton

Good Faith Energy Solar Installer

Solar Apprentice

Noe Vazquez

Noe Vasquez has been a apprentice electrician since 2015 after successfully completing course work in electricity and air conditioning. Vazquez has 10 years of mechanical experience related to auto body repair, parts, and paint. Vazquez also boasts an additional five years of experience as an industrial spray painter. Vasquez has worked as a warehouse forklift driver and a delivery driver in Dallas-Forth Worth.

Energy Consultant

Joe Cotter

Joe Cotter joins our team at Good Faith Energy with arms wide open and ready to welcome new customers to our family!  Joe received his Bachelors Degree in Marketing from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga.  After 20 years with ClubCorp, Joe decided to make more of a difference by helping businesses and residents be more efficient, use less energy, become more self sufficient, less dependent on the grid, and save money in the process.

You will find Joe to be informative and happy to help.  Give him a call today to see how we may help you along with the 100s we have helped all across North Texas!

Project Superintendent

Shane Garner

Shane Garner boasted over 15-years of leadership experience in renewable energy. He also has 28-years of experience in electrical engineer. He has proudly served in the United States Marine Corps (USMC).
Solar PV Installer

Mike Cabrera

Solar PV Installer

GFE Accountant

Paige Benson

Paige has been performing financial functions related to the collection, accuracy, recording, analysis and presentation of Good Faith Energy’s financial operations for the last year and a half. She is also interested in making the world a greener place!

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