There’s nothing like stepping inside from the summer heat and feeling the cool blast of your air conditioning. As much as we enjoy cooling down our homes during the hotter months in summer, it can get expensive!

So, we’ve compiled a list of some helpful tips to reduce the cost of electricity during the summer, so you can cool down without raising your costs!

Flip the switch: An easy way to save electricity costs is as easy as flipping a switch. Turning off electronics and lights whenever you’re not using them is a great way to reduce overall costs. Even things like chargers for cell phones, tablets, and your other devices use small amounts of energy even when they’re not charging. Instead of unplugging each device out every morning, plug all of your regular devices into a power strip, so you can turn it off all at once when you’re no longer using them.

A lightbulb moment: LED light bulbs cost as little as $5 at the store, but they can save you more than $100 over its lifetime since LEDs only use around 85% less energy to deliver the same amount of light as incandescents.

Keep the cool air in: Small gaps around your windows and doors can add up. In fact, the average American house has the equivalent of a 3×3 foot hool in the wall worth of gaps. Checking your insulation in your attic, floors, hot water heater and pipes, and even your crawl spaces can help you save on electricity.

Use caulk and weather-strip to seal off air leaps or use window putty to seal gaps around loose window panes. These small changes add up into big savings over time and can help you run a more energy efficient home.

Shop efficiently: Modern appliances use half the energy than those previously manufactured. A great way to start is by looking for appliances and products with the Energy Star label. These products tend to use about 10-40 % less energy than other new models, and some electric companies and even state governments have consumer rebates on Energy Star-rated models.

Choose renewable: Solar energy is a great way to maximize energy while keeping costs low. Solar panels help to not only let you store energy generated by the sun, but also allows you to control when and how much energy you want to use with your energy storage. With both short and long-term benefits in favor of solar energy, there’s no time like the summer to start benefiting from smarter, more environmentally friendly energy practices.