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Declare Your Energy Independence

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Store Your Energy

If you're thinking of going solar, you need to be thinking of storage. If you invest in a solar system to energize your home - why not collect and store all the power that you generate? Save and use this power for another time, when you need it the most. Solar batteries offer you big control and a big opportunity for increased savings, powering your home during a blackout, and reducing the negative effects of climate change.There is a strong future for battery storage across America.

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Tesla Powerwall 2

The Tesla Powerwall 2 is one of the most advanced residential energy storage systems in the world and it all starts with the batteries. The Powerwall 2 is, at its core, a DC Battery system with a usable capacity of 13.5 kilowatt-hours that can be extracted at a 7kW peak or 5kW continuous rate. Most homes run on AC power, though, so Tesla has stacked an inverter on top of the battery pack that turns stored DC power from the battery into AC power that all of the appliances and gadgets in the house can use.

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Sonnen ecoLinx

The Sonnen ecoLinx is an intelligent, connected home energy storage system, and it does what you would expect. Sonnen ecoLinx can be configured with anywhere from 10 to 20 kilowatt-hours of energy storage per unit, which it stores in 2 kWh modules of batteries. Sonnen ecoLinx has an integrated inverter that was designed to play nicely with the DC feed from a photovoltaic (PV) solar array as well. Pulling the energy generated from a rooftop PV system into ecoLinx allows it to decide whether to store the rooftop PV energy or convert it to AC to power the home

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