How Solar Net Metering Buyback Works in Texas 

What is solar net metering? Texans who have solar panels installed, have the potential to receive electric bill energy credits in kilowatt-hours (kWh), by selling their excess solar energy to the grid when the sun is shining and their home is using less energy(electricity) than what is being produced by the solar panels.  The Process

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Dallas, TX Homeowner’s Guide to Solar

  As of 2021, 8% of Americans had solar panels installed on their homes, and that number grows every year. Solar panels provide the perfect way to power your home sustainably while saving money. However, most homeowners don’t have enough information about the topic to make an informed decision. At Good Faith Energy, we can

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Texas Solar Incentives Guide for Solar Energy and Batteries

Solar Incentives Guide Ever considered gaining your energy independence in Texas? If you have, you might also be interested in knowing which solar incentives would benefit you the most and help you reach your goals. Texas has many solar-specific incentives to motivate homeowners to invest in solar energy. It’s an up-and-coming, growing industry with many

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Roofing Contractor 101

Roofing 101 When you think of Good Faith Energy, I’m sure primarily solar panels and solar accessories come to mind. These projects are our specialty, and we love showing them off. However, you may not know that we are certified and insured roofing contractors as well. What does this mean? 1. We specialize in installing

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Why Go Solar?

Why Go Solar? How much does solar cost, and how will it benefit me? When you first embark on your solar discovery journey, there are many questions you have, and very few ways to actually get all the answers you need. You will want these answers to make an informed decision on whether or not

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2021 Impact Report

2021 was a year with many new challenges and many new accomplishments for the team at Good Faith Energy. Our team took a very proactive approach in not only preparing for the changes in policy and the economy, but also by getting ahead of the supply chain constraints affecting basically every industry, solar included.

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Good Faith Energy CEO Mohammed Abdalla Joins CEOs for Electrification

Good Faith Energy CEO Mohammed Abdalla Joins CEOs for Electrification   First national coalition of its kind calls for a movement to electrify everything, helping to lower monthly bills, reduce emissions, and create healthier, more sustainable communities. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 12/17/2021 Contact: Farmers Branch, Texas – Rewiring America, the nation’s leading non-profit working to electrify

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The Benefits of Battery Storage

The Benefits of Battery Storage Adding a Battery Storage option to your Solar System will dramatically improve the functionality as well as provide you the ability to keep your home or business powered up in the event of a grid outage. Pairing a battery with your solar system will allow you to store the energy

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The Basics of EV Charging

Plug in! Today, we are charging up. Oil and gas, step aside! As with any new technology, EV Charging will take a little time to learn and to become familiar with, but that time is now. Stay tuned because our team here at Good Faith Energy is here to educate you, and if you

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