Tesla Powerwalls Are in High Demand, But Most Installers Just Don’t Have Them. We Do!

///Tesla Powerwalls Are in High Demand, But Most Installers Just Don’t Have Them. We Do!

Tesla Powerwalls Are in High Demand, But Most Installers Just Don’t Have Them. We Do!

The latest EnergySage survey shows strong consumer preference for Tesla’s signature battery product, but only a fraction of solar installers carry it. (GreenTechMedia)

Only about 10 percent of solar installers have access and carry Tesla’s Powerwall. That means there is only a 1 in 10 chance of being able to get a powerwall installed with your solar system. Here in the state of Texas it is even harder to get one with only a reported 1 in 15 solar installers having an available stock to sell with solar jobs. Fortunately, your friends at here at Good Faith Energy is one of those solar installers.

The Tesla Powerwall is a home energy storage system for private household and small-scale businesses. Being a market leader in USA, Tesla is growing rapidly in energy storage markets. The PowerWall is the centerpiece in Tesla’s package of products and supply the power from renewable energies.

One can use solar energy at night, harvest cheaper energy to use later, never worry about lights going out and gain energy autonomy. The Tesla Powerwall is a complete system – ready for connection. In contrast to most other battery systems in the market the Tesla Powerwall components are built into a single high-quality casing and perfectly attuned to each other – thereby ensuring maximum longevity and the highest quality with a small footprint. With or without solar, we also recommend the number of Powerwalls you need to ensure at least 24 hours of power during a utility grid outage.

A report, a nationwide survey of U.S. solar installers, noted that one in three customers are now expressing interest in energy storage solutions for their home. Of that subset, installers reported that 56 percent of consumers ask for the Powerwall. A much smaller portion are actually getting the product, according to the survey’s results (GreenTechMedia).

Even though these Tesla Powerwalls are in high demand, Good Faith Energy has the Tesla Powerwall available to purchase and have installed with your solar installation. Along with this, Good Faith Energy also recieves Tesla’s Powerwalls before everyone else! ( About 1-2 months compared to the usual 4-6 month wait,Yikes!)

How Much Does It Cost?

Once you place your reservation, a Tesla energy specialist will reach out to you to discuss your intended energy storage project. Your final design and pricing will be based on your home energy usage, number of Powerwall’s that you intend to purchase, and where you’d like your Powerwall installed.

Resources: Powerwall 2 Flyer

$6,700Powerwall 2 AC



Backup GatewayAdditional Material

Ancillary Hardware (Required for Solar)

Sales Tax


Total for Equipment

$4,400* – One Powerwall$500 – Each Additional Powerwall



Total for Labor

$12,843.50-$15,543.50Total Labor + Equipment

*Could change depending on the size of system energy usage.

Call today and ask about how you can get your Tesla Powerwall before everyone else. But hurry they are going fast!


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Learn More About the Tesla Powerwall 2!

Demand is high for Tesla's battery product, according to installers.

Other Tesla Product Offerings By Good Faith Energy

Good Faith Energy is also certified in Tesla’s hole electrical vehicle “EV Home Charging Program”. Enjoy peace of mind with our 4-year workmanship warranty provided on all electric work. Our technicians will work to ensure that your electric vehicle compliments your smart home, which incorporates solar + storage!

Learn more here: https://goodfaithenergy.com/ev-charging/ 

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