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Cadillac Recognizes Entrepreneur Mohammed Abdalla & Good Faith Energy

Luxury cars and solar energy; not so long ago those two worlds only met in the dream realm of science fiction writers. Who wouldn’t want a flying car decked out with high tech comforts and powered by solar panels?

Though flying luxury cars aren’t here yet, yesterday’s science fiction is becoming the business reality of today for Good Faith Energy!

Enter Cadillac, well known American luxury car manufacturer with an eye towards innovative comfort and business acumen.

In the Dallas-Forth Worth area, Cadillac recognizes outstanding companies and entrepreneurs that are changing the face of DFW’s business landscape in their sponsored series, Shaping: DFW. Produced by (XX – CHECK Channel Name), the video series features business game changers like our founder and entrepreneur, Mohammed Abdalla. A recent episode highlights his unique green business mission and celebrates the ongoing success of Good Faith Energy.

With Good Faith Energy’s record growth since 2015, it’s easy to see why Cadillac would consider Mohammed Abdalla as a local business “shaper”. With expansive product offerings, phenomenal customer service and cost-saving advocacy, Good Faith Energy is definitely a leader in the DFW solar energy market. In turn, DFW has helped get Texas ranked 2nd in the nation for solar energy production and 5th overall for solar industry jobs.* ( XX – SOURCE = GFE Blog & Houston Star – see pitch for White Rock Lake Weekly)

Here at Good Faith Energy head quarters, we know that our success comes from following Mohammed’s inspired leadership. We aim to share his clear business vision with our customers, our vendors and law makers on the local and national levels. Two-fold and clear, we proudly tell everyone that we are creating “global climate action with a social impact standpoint”. (XX – IS IT OK TO ADD “GLOBAL” HERE? NOT A DIRECT QUOTE, BUT IT HELPS OUTLINE THE MISSION STATEMENT FOR GENERAL READERSHIP)

Why does Mohammed uphold such a global vision rather than just a local or regional business model? Where did his socially responsible mission come from?

The interview on “Shaping: DFW” elegantly highlights the answers.

First, and foremost, Mohammed’s business vision for Good Faith Energy is not separate from his life purpose. He embraced that mission from following a life habit that is ever-evolving and successful.

The habit? Mohammed regularly asks himself hard questions; really hard, soul searching questions.

Most importantly, Mohammed is brave enough to answer those questions honestly. This integrity makes him both our fearless leader and an award winning green business visionary in the world.* (XX- REFER GREEN BIZ AWARD IN FOOTNOTES) (XX – Channel Name) emphasizes how these tough questions and clarified answers have formed Mohammed’s path today.

The video interview clearly shows that one of Mohammed’s biggest questions involves emissions. He shares with humility the eye opening experience of his first job out of university working in the oil fields of Texas. Seeing the emissions from the oil drilling and refining process, he just kept asking “Why are we polluting so much just to get this resource?”

Not surprisingly, his oil industry employer’s answer was disheartening for Mohammed.

That one poignant question led to the pain of Mohammed’s first job failure. Yet this so-called failure inspired him to ask a bigger, more intimate question, “What can I do to provide something that is good and faithful to the planet?”

As many of us may know, such soul-searching questions often take time to answer. With a life path decision to make, Mohammed judiciously gave himself that precious time.

In his case, time translated into world travel with the purpose of expanding his perspective. While in Germany, Mohammed was amazed by the number of solar panels he saw nearly everywhere. Of course, that led him to ask the question, “If a cloudy country like Germany can produce solar energy, what about the sunny state of Texas?”

Mohammed’s epiphany in Germany was the merging point of his career and personal desire to serve the planet. Returning to the DFW area, Mohammed began working in solar panel sales. Unfortunately, he kept finding roadblocks around sales culture, education and antiquated business models.

With solar energy being relatively new to DFW residents, Mohammed found himself asking a lot of tough questions again. “How can I ease the fears of customers? Is there a better business model than just a sales driven structure? Why are residents unaware of tax incentives? How can the learning process be easier so that more people will install solar and positively impact the global climate?”

Though the questions were complex, answering the questions was simple. Rather than work for others and trying to change their business practices, Mohammed began the journey of creating his own solar panel installation company. Joining forces with installation wizard and business partner, (XX – NAME HERE), Good Faith Energy was born.

Today, Mohammed helps GFE thrive by continually asking the two most important question of any modern entrepreneur. “Where can I find the best people that know all the things I don’t know?” And “How can I get them to help the mission?”

His willingness to keep asking those questions attracts dedicated, successful and efficient team members that are also deeply involved with their families and their local communities. He gives thanks regularly for the blessing of finding people that can help further the mission of “global climate action with a social impact standpoint.”

Of course, Mohammed is also grateful for another blessing in the form of his young daughter. Parenthood and her arrival adds a new dimension to his motivations. Today, he lovingly adds to the mission:

“I want be leaving the planet better than I found it and doing it via the solar industry and a clean text basis.”

With the planetary need for clean energy sources and solar energy production on the rise, it seems that Cadillac has done well to highlight a business “shaper” like Mohammed Abdalla. Fortunately, his passion and inspired leadership impacts more than just the DFW area; Mohammed’s vision and the efforts of Good Faith Energy will aid future generations world wide.

As for the future, this writer won’t be surprised if Mohammed Abdalla helps create the first flying luxury car powered by solar panels. After all, he’s already bridging science fiction into modern business reality. The only question left to ask is:
“What’s the next amazing change Mohammed will bring to DFW and the world?”

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